Prosecco food pairing

Prosecco food pairing

Prosecco is a fantastic wine to accompany finger-food on parties, but it can also can be drunk with many different starters and main dishes. Prosecco goes well with white meat, pasta dishes, salad's (especially those with duck and chicken) and antipasto.

Prosecco can best be served in long small glasses which are a bit smaller at the top and bottom (diamond shaped) and the best serving temperature is between 6°C en 8°C (43 to 46 Fahrenheit).
Prosecco - La Tordera
Prosecco - La Tordera
Prosecco - Bellenda
Prosecco - Cirotto
Prosecco - De Faveri


Color: White (sparkling)
Region: Veneto
Grape(s): Prosecco


Good wineries:

De Faveri
La Tordera