Prosecco - a young wine

Prosecco - a young wine

You probably came to this page to expect a vintage table for Prosecco, I have deliberately not added this to the site because for Prosecco this is mostly irrelevant. Unlike many wines, Prosecco is really a wine to drink when it is young. Prosecco does not yeast in the bottle as is the case with Champagne, in practice this means that the longer the bottle is kept the less powerful the sparkling will be which is not good for the taste of the wine. My advice is: buy a Prosecco from a good winery just before you're planning to drink it and enjoy a delicious fresh young Prosecco!

Prosecco - La Tordera
Prosecco - La Tordera
Prosecco - Bellenda
Prosecco - Cirotto
Prosecco - De Faveri


Color: White (sparkling)
Region: Veneto
Grape(s): Prosecco


Good wineries:

De Faveri
La Tordera