Franciacorta is the most famous Italian answer to Champagne. Like Champagne, Franciacorta is also made using the traditional Methodo classico technique (méthode traditionnelle in French). Not to be mistaken with the modern Méthode Charmat of which Prosecco is made. This classic process creates elegant bubbles and a richer taste in Franciacorta than what can be achieved generally with Prosecco.

The wine is made in a small area of ​​Lombardy. The area lies beneath Lake Iseo between Bergamo in the west and Brescia in the east, extending to Rovato in the south. According to ancient scriptures this area is producing wine since 1277. The sparkling Franciacorta is quite young however, since it is only produced since the early 60s.

The first wine that was known by the name Franciacorta came from the hand of winemaker Franco Ziliani, employed by Guido Berlucchi, who felt that the Franciacorta area might be very good for Methodo classico wines. It did not take very long before millions of Franciacorta bottles where being produced and sold after that.

In the 70s the party was joined by large companies such as Bellavista and Ca' del Bosco, both initiated by rich families. Today the area is a real showcase of luxury with many modern large wineries, golf courses, spa's and everything you might expect to accompany a luxury product as Franciacorta.

Franciacorta has the DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) status, the highest in Italy.
Franciacorta - Cà dei Ronchi
Franciacorta - Cà dei Ronchi
Franciacorta - Berlucchi
Franciacorta - Ca' Del Bosco
Franciacorta Bellavista


Color: White / rosé (sparkling)
Region: Lombardy
Grape(s): Chardonnay, Pinot nero, Pinot bianco


Good wineries:

Cà dei Ronchi
Ca' Del Bosco
Barone Pizzini