Chianti food pairing

Chianti food pairing

Normal Chianti goes well with simple pasta dishes (especially ones with a tomato sauce) and antipasto.

Chianti classico goes very well with meat dishes such as ossobuco, leg of lamb, lamb chops, roast beef in Madeira sauce, wild duck, venison and pizza with meat. As for the cheeses: Chianti Classico fits well with fresh young cheeses like English Cheshire, Dutch young or semi-mature Gouda cheese and Italian Taleggio.

Chianti (and Chianti Classico) can best be served in not too large tulip-shaped glasses and the best serving temperature is between 16°C and 18°C (61-64° Fahrenheit).
Chianti classico riserva - Castello di Monastero
Chianti classico riserva - Castello di Monastero
Chianti classico - Fontodi
Chianti Classico - Badia a Passignano
Chianti Classico - Isole e Olena


Color: Red
Region: Tuscany
Grape(s): Sangiovese


Good wineries:

Badia a Coltibuono
Badia a Passignano
Castello di Brolio
Castello di Monastero
Isole e Olena