Barolo food pairing

Barolo food pairing

Barolo goes well with dishes that have powerful flavors. Subtle dishes will be overpowered by this wine and are better to combine with less stronger wines. Below you can find some serving suggestions.

Traditional Piedmontese dishes:
Piedmontese cuisine is full of specialties with tasty meat and powerful sauces, often combined with white truffle that combine well with Barolo such as: Fonduta con Tartufi, Brasato al Barolo, risotto ai funghi porcini, Arrosto Casalese, Vitello Alla Piemontese, Fricandó alla Piemontese, Cervo Stufato ai Funghi as well as many other traditional Piedmontese dishes.

Traditional Italian dishes from other regions:
Trippa all fiorentina, Melanzane di Parmigiano, Peposo, Ossobuco and many other Italian dishes.

Beef, game and stews such as beefsteak, lamb, veal, rabbit, wild boar and deer.

It is better not to serve Barolo with fish since most fish will be completely overpowered, a light red like Bardolino would be a better candidate.

Especially wild poultry like guineafowl (in truffle sauce) and pheasant but also duck breast and foie gras.

Pasta with a strong tomato or truffle sauce.

Old strong (crumble) cheeses like Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino vecchio, old Gouda and old Cheddar, blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola, Danish blue and Castelmagno as well as cheeses with a rich flavor like Fontina and Boschetto al tartufo.

Barolo is best served in large round wine glasses and the best serving temperature is between 18°C and 20°C (64 ~ 86 degrees Fahrenheit).
Barolo - Fontana Fredda
Barolo - Fontana Fredda
Barolo - Vietti
Barolo - Cagliero
Barolo - Marchesi di Barolo


Color: Red
Region: Piedmont
Grape(s): Nebbiolo


Good wineries:

Fontana Fredda
Marchesi di Barolo
Josetta Saffirio