Brunello food pairing

Brunello goes well with red meat, game and poultry like pheasant and dishes that include truffle. The Tuscan Pecorino cheese (especially the older versions) is the perfect match for Brunello, Parmesan (rather Parmigiano-Reggiano than Grana-padano) also combines well with Brunello. In case Tuscan cheese is not available it is also possible to use another old cheese like old Dutch Gouda.

Brunello is best served in large round wine glasses and the best serving temperature is between 18°C and 20°C (64 ~ 86 degrees Fahrenheit).


Brunello - Castello Romitorio
Brunello - Castello RomitorioBrunello - Biondi SantiBrunello - Marchesi AntinoriBrunello - coldiSole
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